Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to replace internal WebLogic server 10.3.5 shipped with JDeveloper with WebLogic server 10.3.6

The procedure I will share is in my opinion excellent and probably hardly known. Curren version of Oracle FMW ( is shipped with WeblogicServer 10.3.6, but JDeveloper is shipped still with WebLogic 10.3.5.

Difference between both versions isn't very big, but sometimes can provide huge problems in software production and deployment process. It is truism, that the thing that is vital to developers is the ability to run the exact same platform in development and QA as you do in production. Especially in so big, complicated software envinronment like Oracle FMW stack. So, possibility to "improve" development envinronment will be in this situation wothless.

As I suppose possibility to change "built-in" WebLogic will be surprise to many users of JDeveloper. Especially because the procedure of "replacement" is very simple:

In the first, to replace old version of WebLogic, you should install the newer version. Let's install it for example to folder c:\Oracle\Middlewarew7\.
Next you should run Application Server Navigator in your JDeveloper (menu Application | Application Server Navigator)

In Application Server Navigator add New Application Server, and next choose Integrated Server

In next step set instance name, select "Let JDeveloper manage the lifecycle for this Server Instance", fill fields "Domain Directory" and "Server Instance".

The remaining steps are already common. Finally we will have new Integrated Server connection.
There is one ... but ... here. You can run, debug and deploy your web applications, but you can't use this command:

however you can start server instance from main menu:


  1. Hi Mariusz !

    Thanks for the blog. I was wondering if we can simply update the setDomainEnv.cmd file (residing in the DefualtDomain of the existing integrated server) to point to the new JDK installation. That will also work. Thoughts?

  2. Usually yes. But sometimes it depends on the version. By example when changing from JRockit to HotSpot.