Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Table of JSF 2.* warning and error messages

The list of JSF error codes and error messages (Mojarra implementation I think) I found yesterday. This list can be useful especially when you want to translate error messages built in JSF framework implementation.

Error Code Error Message
JSF1001Managedbean {0} could not be created.
JSF1005Cannot instantiate validator of type {0}
JSF1006Cannot instantiate converter of type {0}
JSF1007Duplicate component ID {0} found in view.
JSF1008Redirect to path {0} failed
JSF1009Unable to determine FaceServlet mapping for servlet path {0}.
JSF1010Illegal view ID {0}. The ID must begin with ''/''
JSF1016"Target class ''{0}'' doesn't have an adapter constructor to accept ''{1}'', creating a new instance instead.
JSF1011Evaluation of expression for attribute ''{0}'' resulted in unexpected type. Expected {1}, but received {2}.
JSF1014Unable to load annotation class ''{0}''. As a result, this annotation will not be processed.
JSF1017''{0}'' was thrown while handling the PreDestroy annotation(s) for bean ''{1}'' in scope ''{2}''. Message: {3}
JSF1015Request path ''{0}'' begins with one or more occurrences of the FacesServlet prefix path mapping ''{1}''.
JSF1018[{0}] Configuration option ''{1}'' set to ''{2}''
JSF1019[{0}] Configuration option ''{1}'' RESET to ''{2}''

Full listing

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