Thursday, September 5, 2013

Problem when deploying SOA composites to instance with IPv6 enabled

In some configurations, when Weblogic SOA domain was installed on Windows Server machine with enabled IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, we observed some difficulties.
Particularly irritating was the problem with deploying SOA composites directyly from JDeveloper (for example in, when you can get:

As I found in documentation (although it concerned a different issue) :

... this scenario typically happens when an administrator does not specify the listen address for a server in the configuration and the server is running on a dual stack (IPv6/IPv4) machine where Java and the operating system are configured to use IPv6 in preference to IPv4. In these mixed environments where the IPv4 stack cannot communicate with IPv6, Oracle recommends starting all server instances with the following command so that all servers are downgraded to use IPv4 only:

You can set this in administration console as shown below:

However, I noticed this does not always work. Therefore I propose a different solution. You can simply specify the listen IPv4 address for a server in the configuration file.

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