Monday, September 30, 2013

ADF Faces: what is this _afrLoop parameter in ADF aplications URLs

When you access your ADF Faces application and navigate through the different pages, parameters like "_afrLoop" are added dynamically to the URL.

Because I had some problems to find informations regarding _afrLoop parameter, when I found finally needed informations, I decided to share them:)

As Oracle says parameter called New Window Detection Token: "is an unique identifier that is used by ADF Faces java script to determine if the current browser window is new or an existing window it's managing."

In addition, I found the info, that in ADF Faces 12c this "feature" is disabled.

But let's start from the beginning. I started looking for informations about _afrLoop cause of strange problem in my Webcenter Portal Application. Well, after the one of deployments I couldn't log in because of continuous reloads of the login page within the Internet Browser. While reloading, the value of the URL parameter _afrLoop was each time increased.
As it turned out I sought for the cause of the problem in wrong place. The problem was caused in the error in one of shared libraries.


  1. what was the library...??

  2. About shared libraries: