Friday, July 5, 2013

How to get folder metadata in oracle UCM

This article is an answer to the following question:

To get Webcenter Content folder meta data information you can use COLLECTION_INFO or COLLECTION_GET_INFO services, as shown below:

  public static MyUcmFolder getFolderInfoByPath(String path, IdcClient idcClient,
                                               IdcContext userContext) throws Exception{
      DataBinder request = idcClient.createBinder();
      request.putLocal("IdcService", "COLLECTION_GET_INFO");
      request.putLocal("hasCollectionPath", "true");    
      request.putLocal("dCollectionPath", path);
      ServiceResponse response = idcClient.sendRequest(userContext, request);
      DataBinder binder = response.getResponseAsBinder();
      DataObject da = binder.getLocalData();

      // Here you can get Local Data of UCM Folder, by example:
      String dCollectionPath = da.get("dCollectionPath").toString();


As a LocalData you can get by example following folder metadata:
  • dCollectionType 
  • dCollectionOwner 
  • dCollectionName 
  • dCollectionEnabled 
  • dCollectionMark 
  • dCollectionGUID 
  • dCollectionInherit 
  • dCollectionQueries 
  • dParentCollectionID 
  • and so on :)

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