Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oracle SOA: Huh, how to resolve "Get initiable processes error BPM-70805" or how to remove damaged composite, ORABPEL-30017 Invalid task definition, part 2


I totally forgot to write how to solve the problem about which I wrote in one of my previous posts:

So far I have found two solutions. Since the first solution worked well, I didn't try the next.

But let's start from the beginning. After small investigation I found probable cause of the problem. My issue appeared after a failed redeployment of composite application.

I assumed that the easiest way to fix the error is removing the composite. This meant I had to find a place where informations about composites are stored.

After some googling and reviewing may "private library" I found a candidate: the table BPM_CUBE_PROCESS from SOAINFRA schema.
And Bingo!!! After checking the BPM_CUBE_PROCESS table and setting for the invalid process the status to -1,  invalid composite disappeared form Enterprise Manager console.

This was first solution. In the meantime, I came to another track. If the cause of your problem appears some differently, it can be MDBTaskNotificationConsumer issue. If JMS invokes onMessage() in MDBTaskNotificationConsumer before the Fabric engine starts up, this results in failure to load the task component required for notification processing. Unfortunatelly in this case you need patch your SOA/BPM installation


  1. Helo

    I had the next message


    Could not locate composite.
    Could not locate composite for workflow component default/Process!!1.0/.
    Ensure composite has been successfully deployed, and that the SOA server has completed loading composites.

    the workspace showed "Runtime Error".

    In SOAINFRA schema I updated bpm_cube_process table in the state column to "-1" for invalid or non existint composites

    THANK YOU!!!

    Angelo Gonzalez

  2. Angelo, you solution also worked for me. Thanks